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Taking a Chance: How to Budget Travel with Spirit Airlines

If you had asked me a year ago would I fly Spirit Airlines, the answer would have been an emphatic, “Hell Naw!”

Back then, I had heard many a bad thing about Spirit’s reputation.  They charge for everything, down to a drop of water on the plane ride.  The seats are small.  The flights are late.

Not to mention the multiple Facebook comments that stated no good would come to you if you fly Spirit Airlines!

But then, I was tempted by fate.  Traveling Miya tagged me on Secret Flying’s Instagram post about a flight deal to Jamaica.

And if you haven’t figured it already, I don’t need an excuse to visit my favorite self-care destination.  All I need is some coins and a great travel deal!

Enthusiastically, I went to Google Flights to take a further look.  Dun, dun, dun, DDUUUNNNN… the deal was with Spirit Airlines!


The fear of the unknown immediately kicked in.  On the one hand, I was like, “$253 for direct flights to Jamaica is unbelievable!”

On the other hand, I was horrified by the thought of traveling on an airline that had such a bad reputation.

Just the week before, I read Miya’s post on the benefits of flying Spirit Airlines.  Miya recommended packing a personal item to avoid carry-on and checked bag fees. She also encouraged buying tickets at the airport for an additional discount.

I was really skeptical. There has only been one time where I was successful with packing just a carry-on item.

That was when I ran the Rock n’ Roll New Orleans half-marathon a couple of years ago.  It was a successful trip, but I haven’t packed bare bones like that since.

The fear of packing a personal item, combined with all the other scary things I heard about Spirit, made me extremely reluctant to purchase a ticket.

Jen Sincero says if something makes you excited and afraid at the same time, then you should take the plunge!  2019 is the year for stepping out of my comfort zone, right?

So, after watching many YouTube videos on Spirit Airlines, I took my butt up to BWI to purchase my flight!


The great things about going to the airport in the middle of the day on Wednesday are no traffic and no lines!  Parked in the Hourly Garage and was in and out in 10 minutes (no charge)!

Yo…. All the info I read and viewed was right!  First of all, the Passenger Usage Charge of $39.98 is not charged at the airport.  Secondly, you are charged $10 less for checked and carry on bags.

Finally, the Big Front Seat is $50 at the airport, compared to $65 online!  You can’t beat it!  Needless to say, I was extremely delighted leaving the airport that day.

Next step into the sea of the uncomfortable… packing the personal item!

Stay tuned!