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Love Jones with Travel Series: Part 1 - 7 Ways to Fall in Love with Southwest Vacations

Love at First Flight

When Did I Fall in Love with Southwest Vacations? It was on August 5, 2014 when I booked a 5-night, all-inclusive vacation package to Negril for $720 per person (direct flight and hotel accommodations included), 15 days prior to travel!

A little more than 2 weeks before my 40th birthday, I got the big idea that I wanted to be anywhere but Baltimore for my celebration.

40 is supposed to be a HUGE deal and I randomly decided that I didn’t want to settle for just a nice night out on the town.

I wanted to be on somebody’s beach, with a drink in my hand and not a care in the world!

Originally, since it was such short notice, I was thinking about going by myself. Then I saw how much cheaper the prices were if another person were to accompany me on my birthday getaway.

One phone call to my sister and the party was on! We had such a good time at Hotel Riu Negril and the price for an all-inclusive spot (food and alcoholic drinks included) was OUTSTANDING!


That next year, one of my run boos and I got another incredible deal at the same resort for the Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K Running Festival. It was a Southwest Vacation Exclusive, 7-night package for $895 per person!

Our friends were soooo jealous because they had paid $1500 for 4 nights at another all-inclusive resort via a travel agent to attend the same event.

It was great that we looked for deals on our own, were able to enjoy Negril for a couple of days longer and for a cheaper price!

When you are willing to put the time in yourself, you can find great deals on Southwest Vacations! Prices like that will make you fall in love quick, fast and in a hurry, LOL!

7 Ways to Satisfaction

Tips for a great love affair with Southwest Vacations:

  • Look at shopping for vacation deals as fun!

I really enjoy looking for ways to save money for travel. It’s the same feeling a shopaholic gets when they find a great price on a fabulous dress or a cute pair of shoes!

You can only purchase Southwest Vacations packages on No other travel search engine has access to their deals, so check out the site on a weekly basis to see what new and exciting!

  • Figure out your budget and know what payment options are available.

Know how much money you have for your vacation. You can use up to 10 credit and/or debit cards at the time of purchase, so everyone that’s going on the trip can pay for their portion right away.

That’s super convenient and the burden of payment does not have to go on one person’s card.

If your funds are limited and you need to make monthly payments, Southwest Vacations has an Uplift Payment Program.

It’s a loan that can be broken up into monthly payments and you apply at the time of purchase. According to the website, there’s a “soft” credit check. I have not personally used the service, but it’s an option if you’re on a budget.

  • Check out both the Promo code and Destination deals.

When you click on Deals, the drop down box includes these categories: Las Vegas deals, Mexico and Caribbean deals, Disney deals, Promo code deals and Exclusive Perks.

For each destination, there will be offers for various resorts and specific dates of travel. With the promo codes, you can search date ranges on your own, specific to the dates of travel you have in mind.


  • Know about Vacation Exclusive Deals.

If you are lucky enough to live in or nearby Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles or Milwaukee, you can take advantage of a limited number of discounted rates for certain destinations on their website.

And when I say discounts, I mean deep discounts! Check out this Vacation Exclusive link for details.

  • Remember Southwest Vacations - Lowest Price Promise.

Once you’ve purchased your vacation, it’s a good idea to continue to check on the price of your package because you can save even more money!

With Southwest Vacations’ Lowest Price Promise, if an identical package is lower than the price you originally paid, you can receive either a Southwest Vacations credit or money back on the difference.

When they say identical, it means same destination, same dates of travel, same hotel, same promo code, etc. Everything has to be the same!

Once you've booked your vacation package, keep checking the website on a weekly basis until the promo code expires. This can definitely save you a couple coins.

  • Take advantage of using Southwest Airlines Unused Ticketless Travel Funds as payment towards Southwest Vacations packages.

Let’s just say you have travel funds from a flight that you had to cancel with Southwest Airlines. Now you have the option to use those funds towards a Southwest Vacations package!

Just have the confirmation number from the previous cancelled flight on hand when you put in your payment information during your purchase.

Seal it With a Kiss

Let me give you a personal example of how I saved money recently by using some of these tips.

I had some personal leave that I had to use by June 30th, so I went on to see what was available.

I clicked on Mexico and Caribbean deals and found a sweet Vacation Exclusive, all-inclusive, 3-night stay package for Hotel Riu Dunamar in Cancun, Mexico.

The website automatically applied the promo code and original cost was $525 per person. For 2 people, that’s a great deal in and of itself.

When I checked on the price that next week, it had dropped! I called Southwest Vacations and my refund was applied back to my credit card in 7-10 business days.

The new price of my trip - $450 per person. That saved us $150 total! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!!!

Take a Chance on This Love

So, I hope these tips ignite a Love Jones’ with Southwest Vacations for you! I can’t wait to hear all about it! I’m willing to share and I promise... I won’t get jealous!