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Good DC Eating - We Built This City on Granville Moore’s Mussels

We travel for many reasons. In this instance, I was traveling for business. After a long day of meetings, I decided to grab some eats at the H Street Corridor in Northeast Washington, D.C.

I would love to be cool and say that I chose this area because the neighborhood has evolved over the years, has a variety of restaurants and a great night life scene... Ummmmm, no! It just so happened to be in the neighborhood where I was staying. The community was close to where I needed to be and the Air BnB price was right, LOL!

Anyway, after doing a internet search, I decided to try out Granville Moore's. It was a Monday, they had $12 mussels after 5pm and one of my friends said they loved the place. Plus, on their website, they describe the location as a “cozy tavern with a healthy Belgian fetish.”

Anything that turns into a fetish has to tantalize at least 1 of the 5 senses, right?

I was expecting it to be crowded, so I made a reservation on When I arrived, there was barely anyone there and I was escorted to the upstairs bar. The ambiance does give you a Cheers - “everybody knows your name” kinda feel, with a wooden 1800’s theme. I sat in the front nook, next to the window.


The service I received from the bartender was warm and welcoming. He gave great suggestions on the food and beer choices. In anticipation, I chose the Mariniere mussels (classic sauce of white wine, garlic and herbs), the frites and a Belgian beer - Bavik Super Pils.


By no means am I a beer connoisseur - I just know what I like. The Bavik was light and summery. It really set the tone for the 80’s flashback I was about to experience!

It must have been 80’s Pop night or something, because they played back-to-back hits like, Heart’s “These Dreams,” Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City” and REO Speedwagon’s “I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore.” My friend I was texting with gave me permission to sing out loud, so I broke out in song while eating my fabulous mussels when Chicago’s “It's Hard For Me to Say I'm Sorry” came on! I was soooo happy!!!


Those songs really took me back to middle school and made me think about the shy, awkward tween I was back then. Eating those mussels, drinking that beer and singing those songs really allowed to appreciate this journey I’ve experienced thus far. Now, I’m speaking in front of strangers on an expert panel (the reason why I was in DC) and completely comfortable with eating solo in bar, singing songs that would get my Black card revoked, LOL!

Needless to say, I highly recommend this place. They have several specials throughout the week, including All-You-Can-Mussels on Tuesdays for $24 bucks.

It really spoke to all of my senses, satisfied my needs and left me high on an 80’s vibe.